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As the name suggests, these coins bear the symbols of various types, punched on pieces of silver of specific weight. Punch-marked coins are marked with 1-5 (and sometimes more) marks representing various symbols.They are broadly classified into two periods : the first period (attributed to the Janapadas or small local states) and the second period (attributed to the Imperial Mauryan period). The motifs found on these coins were mostly drawn from nature like the sun, various animal motifs, trees, hills etc. and some were geometrical symbols.
Ancient Indian coinage was based on `Karshapana' unit that consists of 32 rattis (3.3 grams of silver) and a 'Ratti' is equivalent to 0.11 gms.

Cup Shaped PMC

Silver Bentbar

Multiple Punchmarks


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you can call us we have a shop in mejestic bangalore .. 080 22873468

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See: The World of Buddha Footprints

Pali literature of S. E. Asia states that there is NO triratna symbol but a nandyvarta. It is a flower.

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