Sunday, September 20, 2009


The silver punch mark coins have been found all over the country. The earliest of these were issued by janapadas and mahajanapadas which existed after the Bharat war(11th century B.C) .All these gradually merged with the expanding Magadha empire by 4th century B.C. The states(janapadas) of which coins are known so far are:
(a) Surasena - modern Braj, the region around Mathura
(b) Uttara Panchala - the Rohilkhand region
(c) Dakshin Panchala - the Doab area stretching from Ganga to Chambal
(d) Chedi - the region south of Yamuna
(e) Kosala - the area bounded by Gomti on the west, Sarpika-modern sai on the south, Sadanira-modern gandak on the east and Nepal hills on the north.
(f) Kasi- the region around Varanasi
(g) Malla - dist of Deoria and surroundings
(h) Magadha - area bound by Ganga on th north,Son on the west, plateau of Chota Nagpur to the south and Bhagalpur region to the east.
(i) Vanga - Bengal
(j) Dakshina Kosala - western Orissa and eastern Madhya pradesh
(k) Andhra - the delta of Godavari and Krishna
(l) Asmaka - area on both sides of Godavari bordering Andhra pradesh
(m) Avanti - Ujjain region
(n) Surashtra - the Kathiawar region
(o) Gandhara - north western region on border of Afganisthan
(p) Kuntala - Satara region,western maharastra

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